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Sheldon and Spencer are true professionals and I cannot say enough nice things about 1-Day CDL. A few highlights from my day at their class: … More

– Brock Rodgers
March 2022

Thanks to the men at 1 day CDL I managed to pass all the courses of the CDL test on my first attempt. They were more than willing to spend 1 on 1 time with me to ensure I understood all the proper steps to take to pass the test. I would highly recommend anyone trying to get their CDL to take their training through these men

– Christian Gonzales
January 2022

Well worth the money, the CDL test can seem a little overwhelming but by the time I’d gone through their course I was confident I’d pass. They walk you through every step are with you the whole time up until your test and work with any weak points you have. Highly recommend to any one wanting some help.

– Sean Davis
February 2022

They helped me a lot They were very satisfactory in their training and they were very professional. Thank you very much and keep up the good work! Would definitely recommend.

– Jesse Bontrager
February 2022

Sheldon and Spencer care about each individual taking their class. They took the time and worked with us on our weaknesses and made sure we were prepared for our testing process. Highly recommend them! Both are great instructors.

– Brian Padavih
September 2021